About Us

Our Story

Atelier Rosey is an exclusive jewelry brand that focuses on the finest quality jewelry, which are timeless in design and hand made of Sterling Silver and 18 karat Gold. 

The golden items are plated with 18 karat Gold on 925 Sterling Silver. 18 karat Gold is a precious metal that will not oxidise or discolor. The layer of gold can wear out over time.

Atelier Rosey breathes femininity and sophistication on the wearer. We encourage you to explore and experience new pieces and styles and mix and match the pieces.


The Journey to Atelier Rosey

I proudly design all jewelry in my Atelier based in Amsterdam since the end of 2019. The Italy collection is designed based on my Travels to Italy, for example our Fiorino Coin Pendant, from a very particular store in the center of Florence, where I found the first golden coin of Florence called Fiorino. Italy has a special place in my heart, and so does this new collection finished by the best goldsmiths in India.

And next, Our Indian collection, named after the origin of the Jewels. 

Piece by Piece exceptional fine quality Jewels


Love, Roos